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When You Are the Photographer's Kid | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Picture day is fun. HA!

Picture day can be the absolute worst! Mom is stressed out and yelling at everyone. Timmy wants to eat....and spill....everything in sight. Sally won't stop crying. And Dad....well, he's been grumpy since he got out of bed.

Can you relate?

Guess what ladies and gentlemen....it happens in my house too!! I sometimes feel that older kids can be worse. Maybe it's just my kids but they don't laugh at my jokes like they used to and I get alllll the excuses in the world. The best one was, 'I just don't smile anymore. I am growing up.' UM WHAT? Stop playin' with me child. I see you smiling all the time while you are snap fishin' or snap chattin' - whatever you call it (insert major eye roll).

I so rarely get my own family in front of the camera, and I am even less likely to put myself in front of the lens. But this year I decided that nothing was stopping the Tapscott's from the most perfect Christmas card photo. I am a professional right? I spend my life making other people's children smile authentically... making my own children smile pretty for the camera will be easy as pie.


And I could not let this go until I shared it with all of you. These are my people.......my man-children. You would expect my 9, 12, and 15 year old to be perfect angels in my new studio and my perfect holiday set-up. HA! All I asked was, REAL SMILES. I got some great images but it didn't come without a show. :) Watch theses fools! Then rest easy knowing even the photographer's kids can be ratchet.

Side-note: I don't beat them. I swear.

They are silly, and these outtakes made me BELLY LAUGH! I had no idea my friend was videoing until almost halfway through. She said... 'Jess, people need to see this. They need to see how it really goes down.' LOL

This is them....this is the stage we are in. These are my three handsome, hilarious babies, and these are the years I never want to forget. I am almost as grateful for these "mess ups" as I am for the perfect smiles.

Being a family photographer takes thick skin and some serious patience. But at the end of the day, these boys are my everything. Their smiles light up my life and when my teenage man-child smiles at me the way he did on this day.......bring me some tissues ya'll!!

So the next time you think you will never get a picture of everyone looking....everyone smiling...CALL ME! I got you ;)

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