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Should I Book a Mini or Full Session | Northern Virginia Family Photography

Hi friends!!

Recently, I have had a ton of inquiries about the difference between mini sessions and full sessions. I thought a blog post would be best so I could explain the ins and outs of what goes into both and hopefully it will help you decide what is best for you and your family.

Let me start by making sure you know what I mean by mini session. I typically provide my clients with a full family photography session throughout the year, however I do periodically offer mini sessions as well. The mini session is simply a shorter shooting time and less digital images delivered to the client at a lower price point. The image quality is the same for both types of sessions, as I work to provide only the highest quality images to all of my clients.

So, here is the thing about mini sessions.... They are shorter, less expensive, and they produce less images than a full session. If you are just looking for a few great photos and are willing to go with the flow during a fast paced, photographer led session scheduled for a less predictable time slot, then a mini session is for you. However, if you have specific, harder to obtain shots in mind, or you aren't comfortable with the unpredictable nature of a mini session, a full session may be the right choice for you.

Another thing to consider is the people in the pictures. Do you have small, unpredictable children? Are you OK with capturing them just as they are....smiling, frowning, running, jumping, climbing, crying? Then a mini session works perfectly!!

Are your looking for perfect smiles and posing that might require a lengthy session to capture the perfect image? Well then, book yourself a full session. I still can't guarantee that your sweet little rug rats will pose like angels, but we can certainly spend a little more time giving it our best shot. And lets be honest, sometimes it takes children a little while to warm up around another adult they don't know, or to get some energy out after a drive in the car. That is what's great about a full session.....plenty of time for all that.

Lastly, consider your likelihood to be punctual. While it is always important to be punctual to your session, mini or full.....remember we are on the sun's schedule, not our own.....mini sessions are usually stacked, meaning there are several sessions booked back to back in the same location. This means that being punctual is VERY important because there is likely another family scheduled right behind you. If you are not on time you could end up forfeiting your whole session. So if being late is your Achilles' heel, a mini session could cause you a lot of stress.

No matter what type of session you choose to book with JTP, you will LOVE capturing that unique and special time in your life. And keep in mind that you may need to book a full session for some occasions and only need a mini session for others.

I hope that helps!



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